Jay Bunting For Mayor

Let’s move Rogers forward together.

Four years ago, I provided the following as my principles
for guiding Rogers — simple, honest and straight forward
statements. These same principles hold true today.

I will put the interests of Rogers before my own. Unfortunately this statement was
proven when a few in our community made personal attacks against members of
the city council. When the dust cleared, an independent arbitrator upheld all actions
taken by the city. An independent consulting group, brought in to stabilize and audit
the department, also agreed with the city’s actions.

Tax dollars must be spent wisely. In the three years I helped control our budget, the
city’s portion of your property tax bill have dropped every year. I plan to do the same
for next year. We made tough decisions: laying off one employee, cutting hours
of others and not replacing employees who left for other jobs. We didn't create artificial
decreases by borrowing money, we just made smart decisions.

Rogers’ safety and transportation challenges must be solved. Our police and fire
departments are stronger than ever. In the last four years, more transportation
projects have been completed than at any time since Interstate 94 came through
Rogers. More are planned for the future, including a $22 million dollar improvement
of the 101/CR 144 intersection.

Communication should be consistent, truthful and easily accessible. Every public
meeting is posted at least three days in advance. Our meetings are recorded and
available to everyone on our city’s website, as are our agendas.

Long-term planning is essential so future developments are right for Rogers. Rogers
now plans out over ten years to ensure we are making financially-sound decisions.
Smart decision-making has allowed development to be the best since 2006. Rogers
was even were noted in a Wall Street Journal story this year.

Honest. Ethical. Moral. Thoughtful. These words weren’t just a tagline, they are
my code of conduct. All elected officials should lead by following these four simple


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